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  • Our pricing policy aims to meet our customers' needs and expectations. The price we charge is moderate and fair. Firstly, it's enough to cover the academic payment for our writers. They are fully qualified and have substantial experience in academic writing. Second, it suits our customers. Since our customers are students, it's important to make the price affordable. The price we charge corresponds to both our experts' and our customers' needs.

    We make our prices objective!

    The price depends on details of your academic paper:

    1. Academic level of the paper
    2. The type of paper
    3. The number of pages in the order
    4. How soon the order has to be completed

    We are ready to discuss the details of your order. Our experts will provide all the needed academic help to all customers. However, for geographical and time considerations, we do not deliver academic help with primary research like conducting experiments, completing surveys or administering questionnaires, handling interviews etc. However, our experts will eagerly provide any needed consultation on those issues. They can explain how to collect the initial data for a scientific research project, for example. Their guidelines might be useful in your research.

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